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Another New Product Launch – Belgian Waffle Station

6th February 2013 by Arif

Things move fast in East London, the La Fontaine de Chocolat headquarters. We’re only over a month into the New Year and we’re announcing another addition to our product line. Along with the Ferrero Rocher Pyramid we launched in January, we’ve now added a Belgian Waffle Station to our line of sweet treats. We’re not just a chocolate fountain hire company any more…

Made by the same market leading catering company that supply our chocolate fountains, our Sephra Belgian Waffle Station might look a little surprising to you. “Wait, that’s not a waffle?” we hear you say, but that’s one of the reasons we love Sephra. This Belgian Waffle Station bakes hot waffles on sticks, with a crunchy golden exterior and a fluffy, sweet inside. No mess, no plate, no cutlery needed.

The mix we use comes from Belgium, where it’s made especially to our recipe. Our sauces come from countries with expertise in sweets and treats; with both our strawberry and caramel produced in Italy, our maple syrup in Canada and our chocolate sauce in Belgium.

On top of the sticky sweet sauces, we’re giving all of our customers a choice of sprinkles and toppings to add a little crunch to their waffle. After a long time researching the most popular toppings, we found that rainbow sprinkles, crushed pistachios, coconut shavings and icing sugar were the top choices. Every customer of La Fontaine de Chocolat can now enjoy these four delicious toppings on their Belgian Waffles.

We’ve already had our first booking for the Belgian Waffle Station; it will make its debut at The Royal Chace Hotel in North London for Fiona Murphy’s 50th birthday; alongside one of our chocolate fountains. Guests can look forward to a short wait; with a super quick bake time of just one minute. For those with larger appetites, we can make up to four waffles in one bake; what’s more we can keep up this pace for three hours.

To find out more about the availability of the Belgian Waffle Station, or any of our other products, you can call the office on 0203 151 2469 and we’ll be happy to help. We also suggest that your keep your eye on our blog, there may just be another launch coming up soon…


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