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We understand that you have invested a lot of time and money into your event, and that it has taken months, even years, to plan. As a professional chocolate fountain hire company in London we think it’s important to keep our offering as simple as possible.

Choosing a chocolate fountain rental company for your next event means you’re serious about making an impression. And since we have that in common, it looks like you’ve come to the right place! We understand the importance of getting it just right, which is why we’ve created a chocolate fountain hire service that we think simply can’t be beaten. With three great quality, beautifully designed units available, you can choose one or more chocolate fountain machines to make sure each of your guests is both intrigued and indulged with their favourite delicious Belgian chocolate fondue. If your mouth is watering already, that’s okay. We get hungry talking about it all the time too… It takes discipline to stay in this business!

Sticklers for only the very best quality, we believe our guests deserve nothing less than an original Sephra chocolate fountain – a name synonymous with quality, safety and hygiene – which is great news for your event. Additionally, you’ll also get the very finest specially made Belgian chocolate for chocolate fountains, courtesy of industry leaders Callebaut. Wherever you’re planning to use our reliable commercial chocolate fountains, they’ll comply fully with all UK health & safety regulations. All you need to supply is a sturdy table, a power socket and a generous corral of snack-ready guests. And if you’re ever short of inspiration, we’ve got more chocolate fountain ideas than you’ve had hot dinners – all you have to do is ask.

To realise the punter-pleasing power of these simple machines, a quick thought experiment is all you have to do: imagine for a moment your typical wedding, bar mitzvah or corporate knees-up. People gathered in their usual groupings, coming together only when prompted by their hosts. Not any more. Now add a luxurious cascade of Callebaut Belgian chocolate fondue to the scene. Smell the heavenly chocolate aroma, mingled in with the fruits, cakes and confectioneries just waiting to be dipped. Do you notice how the guests gravitate toward the chocolate fountain, sharing their favourite treats, making new friends and feeling thoroughly spoiled? The hardest part of hiring a chocolate fountain for your event is stepping away from it for a moment to take care of your hostly duties! We speak from experience, but don’t worry – all our fountain attendants are highly trained in the art of resisting temptation. Not a morsel shall pass our lips for the duration of your event; the chocolate is all yours.

So with new companies springing up every few weeks, why choose us? In addition to having three of the finest large chocolate fountains available (including the supremely desirable double chocolate fountain), we’re also one of the most established and popular fountain hire companies in the capital. Over many years, we’ve helped our clients impress, indulge and entertain close to 1 million guests. So simply choose your fountain, and get your party started. We can’t wait to be part of your event.
Chocolate Fountains

What’s Included

  • 5-tier Classic 44″, 15 cup Cascade 44″ or 22 cup Twin Cascade 38″ double chocolate fountain
  • Callebaut Belgian chocolate available in milk or white
  • Glassware & fine china display with LED lighting
  • 8 Dipping Foods from our fresh fruit, bakery & confectionary range
  • 3 hour hire (set up & take down time not included)
  • Skewers & napkins
  • Uniformed attendant
  • Delivery, set up & take down within London

What’s Optional

What We Need

  • 4ft round table
  • Table linen
  • Access to a 240V mains socket
  • Access to your venue 1 hour prior to hire for set up
  • £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date