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New Product Announcement

16th January 2013 by Arif

Chocolate is a very indulgent treat for most, so where do we turn to when we need something special? The answer is in the Italian master chocolatiers of Ferrero SpA, their timeless Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate. Anybody with a sweet tooth has treated themselves to one of these spheres. For those unlucky few who are unfamiliar, a Ferrero Rocher is an entire roasted hazelnut, encased in a wafer shell of hazelnut cream, covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts. Having engineered this chocolate in 1982, the Ferrero SpA has certainly perfected their recipe until it simply can’t be beaten.

Behind the scenes at La Fontaine de Chocolat, we’ve spent six weeks of designing, planning and building to come up with the Ferrero Rocher Pyramid!


Standing 2ft tall and housing almost 500 individual Ferrero Rochers, this chocolate monolith carries 6.2kg of the luxurious chocolate and weighs almost 20kg as a whole. Made from solid dark walnut, the pyramid lends an undeniable air of opulence to any event. Whilst we designed and commissioned the build, the expert woodworking team worked on it by hand for six weeks in a secret London workshop; even we were surprised with the result!

We’ve trialled the Ferrero Rocher Pyramid at a couple of events and it’s never failed to impress!

As a special introductory offer for its January launch, it is available for only £100 per rental in London, a huge 50% discount on its list price. We’re anticipating a huge demand for the pyramid, so early bookings are recommended!

La Fontaine de Chocolat would like to remind people that eating 500 Ferrero Rochers at once is not recommended!