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New Product Launch – Candy Floss Cart

25th June 2014 by Arif

Vintage is back in a big, big way, and nothing is more vintage than the smell of freshly spun candy floss. They say a smell can evoke memories and take you to a different place. Our candy floss cart will transport you and your guests back in time to a bygone and fun era.

Available in a range of flavours such as apple, orange, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate (naturally), raspberry, lime and heart-warming maple, La Fontaine de Chocolat has redefined the art of candy floss making and taken it to a whole new level with your very own flossing wizard to entertain and serve throughout the duration of your event.

Want to add a psychedelic twist to your event? Then why not have candy floss served on glow sticks? Our glow sticks are made from food grade plastic and available in up to seven colour changing modes – funtastic!

Candy Floss Cart