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Cake Pops…the latest craze?

5th April 2014 by Arif

We love baking, in fact the whole country loves baking. Since the Great British Bake Off hit our television screens it’s been nothing but French fancies, buttery buns and moist muffins.

But there is one particular type of baking that is getting people talking like no other: cake pops. Never heard of them? Well we’ll let you off – not everyone is talking about them, but they are proving to be pretty popular. They’re new and, we think, pretty exciting. Essentially these little tiny delights are cakes that are made to resemble lollipops; two of your naughty five a day in one, if you like.

Naturally, given how popular these are proving to be, we thought it was only fair to let you enjoy them too. But rather than just offering up a few cake pops on a plate at parties, we thought it only right to step it up a notch.

So just as we don’t just provide a standard chocolate fountain for events, we didn’t want to only offer a standard cake.

Enter the Cake Pop Tower: a mammoth stand housing 325 of these sweet treats. Crafted by the expert woodworking team in London who built our Ferrero Rocher Pyramid, the stand creates a wonderful effect – a dazzlingly colourful centrepiece for any event, from corporate bashes to birthday parties and weddings.

In fact it can even be an alternative to the classic wedding cake. The three-tiered structure is elegant and simple; but it combines that splash of eccentricity and quirkiness that makes it so popular for a modern wedding.

And with the delicious cake pops coming in a veritable rainbow of white, blue, orange, green, red, yellow, purple and pink, the Cake Pop Tower also makes for a memorable addition to a kid’s birthday party.

Cake Pops