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Spoil your party guests rotten with our indulgent Chocolate Fountain Hire

What can we say about Chocolate Fountain Hire in London that hasn’t already been said on these humble web pages? Well, since you’re here, let’s find out! Hiring a delicious chocolate fountain machine is about so much more than bribing your party guests with their favourite cocoa infused treat. It’s about creating a visual, olfactory, gastronomic and social experience they’ll never forget. Like moths to a flame, your guests will become pilgrims to the fountain, passing again and again to dip their favourite treats in the cascading Callebaut made chocolate fountain chocolate.

First developed in the 1980’s, it’s unclear why the chocolate fountain didn’t really take off until the early 2000’s. Maybe it was ahead of its time, or maybe the original manufacturers just couldn’t bear to share their delicious hedonism with anyone else. Maybe they overdosed on chocolate! But it’s without doubt an idea whose time has come, and we’ve got three of the finest Sephra made fountains to choose from to ensure your next event is perfectly smooth and universally enjoyed.

So what does the future hold for this sweet volcano of decadent delight? A quick glance at my crystal ball says that you must make a choice of sensual dark chocolate, mouth-watering milk chocolate and wonderfully creamy white chocolate on behalf of your guests. It’s a big responsibility, because a man’s favourite chocolate is as sacred as his favourite football team. To be on the safe side, hire all three fountains, each with a different flavour of chocolate. You’ll be crowned king of all this year’s parties, and if you’re not, we’ll eat our hat (after we dip it in creamy Belgian chocolate from the fountain we keep running at our headquarters).

In fact, the public has become so entranced by the fountain experience that we’re now seeing a glut of web searches for ‘what kind of chocolate for chocolate fountain?’ If you’re thinking of putting one in your kitchen, you might want to clear your calendar. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And answering the front door. And ordering ever-increasing sizes of sweatpants on Amazon. You have been warned…

For bookings and availability, get in touch. For everything else, read on…

Everything you need to know about chocolate fountains (before hiring one)
Get the wow factor with our new Sephra Chocolate Fountain
5 of the most popular chocolate fountain dips
Chocolate fountain hire in London
The worlds largest chocolate fountain

Everything you need to know about chocolate fountains (before hiring one)

So you’re planning a kick-ass party, corporate event or charity fundraiser? And you’ve decided that you want to make an unforgettable impression on your guests? Which means you need to do something extra special. Naturally, you’ve decided pizza’s just not going to cut it this time, so why not hire a chocolate fountain (from us)? There are hundreds of reasons why chocolate fountain rental is the perfect choice for fun party food, but instead of listing those, here’s a quick all-you-need-to-know about the superhero of party indulgence.

What is a chocolate fountain?

Imagine the most delicious Callebaut Belgian Chocolate cascading its way down several tiers in a smooth, irresistible waterfall. It doesn’t just look amazing, but once you dip your favourite fresh fruit, confectionery or baked goods into the flow, you simply won’t want to stop. Not only is it a mouth-watering sensory delight – it’s the focal point of your party or event, and everyone’s going to want to try.

Why can’t I just serve pizza?

We’re offering you a fountain of chocolate and you want pizza? There really is no pleasing some people! Seriously, you could serve pizza, but you want your guests to feel special, right? Once you’ve had the chocolate fountain experience, you’ll never order party pizza again. Guaranteed.

How do I choose a fountain?

Here at La Fontaine de Chocolat we offer three beautiful fountains for hire, with a choice of dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate. Or if you really want to grab your guests’ attention, a combination of all of them! Clients often comment that our fountains really get their guests attention, and become a talking point for their event. Guests just love to shoot the breeze while enjoying their fill of delicious treats dipped in the smoothest, richest Belgian melted chocolate.

What else do I get?

You mean you want more? Ok, that’s fine. You get much more when you hire from us. In addition to a smart, uniformed and thoroughly pleasant fountain attendant, you also get a choice of 8 scrumptious dipping treats, with all your chocolate fountain sticks and napkins included (No fingers in the fountain please!). From fresh fruit to quality confectionery to baked goods, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention enough chocolate to wave a heavily-laden skewer of treats at – literally. We’ll also set up and take down the fountain, and supply a fine china display with atmospheric LED lighting.

How does it work?

It’s so simple, your grandmother could understand it. Our elegant and eye-catching machines keep the chocolate at the optimum temperature for dipping and cascading over our stylish Sephra-manufactured stainless steel fountains (widely considered the best chocolate fountain maker on the planet). What you may find more interesting however, is that the chocolate fountain is also a scientific curiosity… Look at the way the chocolate falls down over the tiers – not in straight curtains as you’d expect, but tapered, creating that iconic profile we all recognise. Like lava (from volcanoes), melted chocolate is what’s called a non-newtonian liquid. That means it flows in strange and unpredictable ways. After much watching (and yes, much eating) scientists finally concluded that the physics of melted chocolate followed the same principles as water bells.

Learn all about it and try it for yourself here

Officially more fun than pizza, and guaranteed to get you more RSVPs than a paddling pool full of puppies, the chocolate fountain is the surprise star of your next event. Get in touch when you’re ready to book.

everything choc fountain

Get the wow factor with our new Sephra Chocolate Fountain

If you want the tallest, most impressive chocolate fountain in London or anywhere else, you can’t go far wrong with our Sephra commercial chocolate fountain.

Measuring in at almost four feet in height and able to cope with an amazing 20 lbs of delicious molten Belgian chocolate, we are extremely proud of our latest and greatest large chocolate fountain.

So what can you expect from the stunning Sephra Chocolate Fountain?

First of all, Sephra is widely considered to be the manufactures of the best chocolate fountain in the world. From London cocktail evenings to Los Angeles Oscar night parties, you’ll find the brand’s products on show in all of the most exclusive events around the world.

Secondly, it’s super easy to use. There is the removable basin, which makes cleaning incredibly straightforward, while the patented Quick Set tier system means it can be set up and taken down in minutes.

Thirdly, and for us this is probably what makes it such a popular chocolate fountain for parties, you can melt the chocolate in the bowl. No mess, no fuss; just lots of fun for your guests.

We also like to point out that this generously sized chocolate fountain is fully compliant with health and safety standards, so you can rest assured you are getting a product of the highest quality.

And because it can hold a huge 20 lbs of chocolate, it’s perfect for even the largest of events, be it a charity auction night or a corporate bash.

Finally, it’s hard to beat the visual impact of this stunning big chocolate fountain. At 44 inches tall and boasting 5 tiers, there is no other model like it.

When hiring a chocolate fountain you are making a statement, and nothing creates that ‘wow’ factor quite like the Sephra.

Sephra Chocolate Fountain

Five of the most popular chocolate fountain dips

Chocolate fountains look amazing at parties, but how do you enjoy the silky goodness on offer? Use your finger or go for broke and stick your head right in? Sadly (for some) that’s just not how it’s done. It’s all about the dipping food, which begs this popular question: what to dip in chocolate fountains? From marshmallows to jelly babies, the key to enjoying your cascade of chocolate fondue is with a good selection of delicious dips.

How to choose? You can go along a theme – why not pick pink and white marshmallows for a pretty in pink 16th birthday party? Or you can double up depending on what else you plan to offer your guests – go for grapes if you’re also serving a selection of cheeses.

For a summer party, why not opt for a Wimbledon theme and plump for juicy strawberries? For the Americans among you, why not spice up your July 4th celebrations Yankee style with some doughnuts and pretzels drenched in our sumptuous Belgian chocolate.

Alternatively, for a taste of the Orient, you can always mix and match some Turkish delight with Medjool dates, which are exceptionally large and sweet – perfect for dipping in chocolate.

Our top five dipping foods…


You simply can’t beat a fresh strawberry covered in chocolate – perfect with a glass of fizz. Available seasonally, our strawberries are super fresh and make for the ideal summer party, whether you’re hosting a lawn party, birthday bash or wedding.


Chocolate and bananas – not your first thought, probably, but it’s a killer combination when using fine Belgian chocolate. The flavour balance is great and is popular with all ages. For something different, bananas work great when you run caramel through the fountain with the chocolate.


Surely the king of the dippers, the marshmallow is a perennial favourite among people who hire chocolate fountains in London. We all love sitting round the campfire and toasting them on sticks – all you’re really doing is replacing the flames with melted chocolate.

Mini Doughnuts

There is nothing quite like a doughnut dripping in warm melted Belgian chocolate to set the taste buds tingling. These are great if you don’t fancy serving a formal dessert but do want to make sure your guests have something sweet and substantial for afters.

Mixed Grapes

Our mixed grapes work equally well whether your guests fancy going for something sweet or savoury. Why not offer some cheese on the side? Grapes dipped in chocolate are incredibly moreish – just be careful not to run out!

Strawberries Bananas Marshmallows Mini-Doughnuts Mixed-Grapes

Chocolate Fountain Hire London

Chocolate Fountain Hire London: Where it all began
We have a passion for chocolate. We’re always trying to shape the way people view chocolate beyond the image of a bar of Dairy Milk. Not that we have anything against a good dose of Cadbury, but chocolate can be so much more than that.

That’s why when the first chocolate fountain came to the UK, we had to get involved.

Armed with strawberries, marshmallows and a global search for the perfect chocolate fountain cake recipe, La Fontaine de Chocolat was founded, London’s most enthusiastic event and wedding chocolate fountain hire company.

So if you’ve decided to rent a chocolate fountain and need some guidance on how to make the best of it, let us be your guide. Time after time the question we get asked first is how to use a chocolate fountain? The second is what to dip in chocolate fountains? Don’t be embarrassed to ask, because we’ve got more chocolate fountain ideas than you’ve got sweet wrappers in your glove compartment. Basically, so long as you don’t put your fingers in the precious choccy, your imagination is your only limitation. Grab a bag of chocolate fountain skewers, and use them to dip everything from fresh fruit to bagels to marshmallows. Choose a dark, milk or white chocolate fountain, or a double chocolate fountain, and really indulge your guests to the max (it’s ok, we know you’re really ordering it for yourself… but they’re going to love it too!)


Chocolate Fountain London
La Fontaine de Chocolat was not the first company to do this. Invented by Ben Brisman, chocolate fountains were made popular by Canadian firm Design and Realisation after it began displaying some of these new wonders at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in the early 1990s.

Since then there has been a veritable explosion of chocolate fountain for rent enterprises globally. After Sephra’s foray into chocolate fountains, the phenomenon became very much something that everyone with a taste for chocolate – and impressing guests – knew about.

Now you can find chocolate fountains at just about any type of event, from Weddings and Birthday Parties to Corporate Events and Award Ceremonies. The chocolate fountain for weddings craze alone has been an industry game changer. Classic flavours include Milk, White and Dark chocolate and for those guests wanting to achieve a more striking appearance we can now supply orange and strawberry flavoured chocolate within their respective natural colours. The latest craze of 2013 includes flowing real caramel through the fountain with the very popular ambrosia apple as a dip.

The humble chocolate fountain for hire is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Newer models by JM Posner feature a cup design, dropping chocolate from cup to cup, which are proving especially popular among London’s fashion set. So now we can offer three different chocolate fountain designs – The Classic, The Cascade and The Twin Cascade. Each one setting a chocolate fountain commercial benchmark, raising the bar for upcoming manufacturers.

Melted chocolate doesn’t always do what you want it to, so we use Belgian couverture chocolate made by Caillebuat in all our chocolate fountains. This type of chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa butter to ensure consistent flow. We believe it’s really important to use a chocolate specially formulated for fountains therefore never having the need to use oil which compromises taste and texture.

Chocolate Fountain Hire London rated 5 / 5 based on 22 reviews


The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

Whilst we’re very proud to be one of the only companies to operate true 5-tier Sephra fountains, even we pause to admire The Bellagio’s masterpiece. Found in the Spa Tower of the famous casino and hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, a giant chocolate fountain that has to be seen to be believed.

Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

Protected from tempted fingers by glass panes, three streams of dark chocolate cascade from level to level; alongside two flowing milk chocolate streams and a single white current. Whilst the chocolate makes every observer gape like schoolchildren, the mechanics are a sight to behold. Almost a tonne of chocolate is heated to 120 degrees to create this confectionery wonder, flowing through double walled pipes which are heated with oil to keep the chocolate melted. By the time the chocolate completes its cycle, it has passed through more than 500ft of stainless steel pipes. What’s more, the fountain never stops flowing and rises to almost 30ft in the air.
Jean-Philippe Maury is the creator of this masterpiece, which could be something straight out of a fairy tale; something too good for Willy Wonka’s factory.

Our only complaint?

Strictly no dipping allowed!

Whilst we can’t quite compete with 500ft of fountain, La Fontaine de Chocolat offer a fantastic range of Sephra fountains; along with our authentic Belgian Waffle station and luxurious Ferrero Rocher Pyramid.

Las Vegas Chocolate Fountain