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Top 5 Wedding Cakes

10th April 2013 by Arif

As you would expect, we spend a lot of time at weddings and get to see the amazing lengths that people will go to to make their special day unique. We see beautiful wedding dresses and emotional speeches, but the one thing that always catches our attention the most is the wedding cake. Being big fans of chocolate and all things sweet, we’re naturally drawn to the wedding cake and some of the effort put in never ceases to amaze us. Whilst you’ll never pull us away from our chocolate fountains, here are some of the best wedding cakes we’ve come across.

Wedding Cake 1

Well you can imagine why we like this one! This mountain of chocolate was filled with cocoa Victoria sponge and took a week to make. The bride and groom made the outer chocolate casing themselves, from beans they’d collected when they revisited the place they first met in the chocolate capital of the world – Belgium!

Wedding Cake 2

We got very excited when we arrived at a wedding in London last year and found that every guest had personalised cupcakes instead of a slice of the wedding cake. The bride and groom cupcakes were perfect and you could see that the groom was trying hard not to eat his immediately!

Wedding Cake 3

This is perhaps a little different to the others on the list for being very simple. One tier of cake isn’t normally the choice for brides on their big day, but this couple spent a lot of time and effort making their own lifelike flower petals from thin confectionary icing. We didn’t believe them that they were edible until the groom took a bite from one; needless to say his new wife wasn’t pleased!

Wedding Cake 4

Yes, it’s all edible! With white chocolate birds, a white chocolate flower, white chocolate dripping and coloured white chocolate hearts; needless to say the guests were pleased. The best part of this wedding was when one of the birds happened to find itself being dipped in our chocolate fountain by the best man!

Wedding Cake 5

One of the favourite types of wedding cake that we’ve ever come across is the profiterole gateau. Made up entirely of profiteroles, it’s incredibly tasty and this bride and groom went all out and had a profiterole tower made for their special day. I’d say that has something of our fruit palm tree about it, wouldn’t you!