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Another New Product – Retro Popcorn Cart

28th March 2014 by Arif

Add in some popcorn, a hint of nostalgia and a classic design and what do you get? A Retro Popcorn Cart for parties and events across London, that’s what. Let your guests take a step back in time by recreating all the fun of the fair with this Retro Popcorn Cart. Even if you can’t make your event into a real funfair you can at least make your party feel – and taste – like it is one.

The old-fashioned design and the uniformed attendant always creates an amazing buzz wherever you find it. In case you’re wondering, attendants come in very handy as you try to keep some semblance of order with people queuing for more!

It also means you don’t need to worry about the running of the machine during the event. The Retro Popcorn Cart can be delivered, set up and taken down without you lifting a finger. But having the attendant means you can enjoy your party rather than worrying if the kernels are burning or not.

But best of all is that smell. Imagine that wonderful fresh popcorn aroma oozing around your venue, tempting your guests to come back for another box.

The cart is ideal for a tonne of events, from birthday parties and weddings to corporate evenings and charity galas. It’s extra special for an awards event or any black tie corporate do. Somehow the popcorn vibe plays very well with the movies – can’t think why…? And of course as soon as you get people in tuxedos and ball gowns they think they’re at the Oscars, playing very nicely with the popcorn cart theme.

It also works really well for any kind of branded event or experiential marketing campaign, too. The reason is that we can offer branded popcorn boxes for people to take away. So whether you’re out and about on the marketing trail, launching a new product or creating a new campaign, the branded popcorn boxes can be a great way to get noticed and remembered.

So whatever event you’re planning, we’re certain that this Retro Popcorn Cart will be a hit.

popcart Popcorn Scoop Popcorn-Low-Shot-High-Resolution-300x300